Made from solid oak barrels, produced
by our team of skilled furniture makers.


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Cheeky Chicks are creators of solid oak furnitureproducts designed by individuals for use by individuals.Spring 2012 saw the launch of the Dippy Egg Chicken Coop, inspired by the character of the chickens kept here at the Cheeky Chicks offices. This was to be the first in a range of novelty coops designed to reflect the character of both the birds and their owners.

Based in Worcestershire, the Cheeky Chicks have been keepers of various breeds including many rescued from battery farms. One thing that soon became clear was that some of the chickens had decided that they preferred the accommodation in the company offices and adjoining bungalow to that of their somewhat boring looking chicken shed. If ever a door was left open you would find yourself with a new office junior at your feet or even catch them trying to login to Facebook on the keyboard!

With the individual characters of the chickens very much in evidence it was decided that a home with more style was required to suit the needs of the chickens and the desire of the owners. Nothing in the market place really caught the eye of either party so a decision was made to design a home that was completely unique and full of character.

The Dippy Egg coop was hatched in early 2012 using high quality recycled solid oak barrels as the base. Designed to house 3-4 chickens with internal perch and built in nesting box, this fox proof, safe and stylish residence has no need to be hidden away in the back garden.

The Cheeky Chicks designersare hard at work now creating our next range of products… watch this space.

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This was a Christmas present for my son who absolutely loves it! Brilliantly produce and looks stunning. Fab communication with the seller who even called to say it was on its way! That’s what I call customer service. Would definitely purchase from these guys/gals again! Thank you for a fabulous product.

Claire Bradley

Recycled Solid Oak Jack Daniels Branded"Balmoral" Double Door Drinks Cabinet | Wine Rack

We love our barrel – has pride of place in the Man cave. A great sized bar, holds all our bottles nicely along with some glasses. Good value for the money


Recycled Solid Oak Jack Daniels Branded"Balmoral" Double Door Drinks Cabinet | Wine Rack

This is a really quirky dog bed both of our dogs can fit into it. It was bought for our border terrier he has plenty of room in it. It fits into our kitchen perfectly. I would recommend this bed, especially if you want something a bit different to other dog beds.

Linda W

Cheeky Chicks Recycled Solid Oak Wine Barrel Dog/Cat Bed - Medium